• Airborne

    Schwalbe Airborne

    Airborne The new lightweight for wheelchairs. At 30mm the Airborne is wider and more comfortable than a regular wheelchair tire. The additional comfort is not only useful in making a Back-flip...
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  • Schwalbe Downtown

    Schwalbe Downtown

    An all-rounder with grip and comfort. With Puncture Protection layer and hand-friendly 2Grip side walls. Schwalbe is the only maker to design pneumatic tires specifically for wheelchair users...
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  • Schwalbe RightRun Schwalbe RightRun

    Schwalbe RightRun

    OUR ENTRY LEVEL TIRE, BUT PACKED WITH FEATURES - Various Colours Our entry level tire, but packed with features: Effective puncture protection layer, hand-friendly 2Grip side walls, and attractive...
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  • Schwalbe SpeedAir

    Schwalbe SpeedAir

    THE INDOOR SPORTS SPECIALIST Exceptionally nimble and easy running. The center tread is asymmetrically designed to match the wheel camber angle of indoor wheelchairs. WHEELCHAIR...
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