• Batec Hybrid 2 Batec Hybrid 2

    Batec Hybrid 2

    BATEC HYBRID 2 Physical exercise for everyoneThe BATEC HYBRID 2 brings together the technology of theBATEC ELECTRIC and BATEC MANUAL handbikes in a singleproduct to become the equivalent of an electrically assistedbicycle. The power of its motor will...
  • Batec Rapid 2 Batec Rapid 2

    Batec Rapid 2

    Batec Rapid 2 In graphite with the logo and red accents, the BATEC RAPID 2 has inherited from the BATEC SCRAMBLER its motor and 48-V – 748-Wh battery. The BATEC RAPID 2 has all the power of the BATEC SCRAMBLER in...


    Batec Mini 2 If you’re looking for a compact, practical, versatile mobility solution without sacrificing quality and power, the BATEC MINI 2 is the perfect handbike for you. Its simple folding system makes it easy to...
  • Batec Electric 2

    Batec Electric 2

    BATEC ELECTRIC 2the perfect balanceThe BATEC ELECTRIC is the latest in our saga of handbikes.It features the latest Batec Mobility technology and an18’’ Wheel designed exclusively for this model, which meansyou can use it both in urban and...
  • Batec Scrambler 2 Batec Scrambler 2

    Batec Scrambler 2

    BATEC SCRAMBLER 2 Adventure is everywhereMore powerful and safer, the BATEC SCRAMBLER 2 arriveswith improvements that will delight fans of speed andoff-road experiences. If you are looking for intense sensations,the SCRAMBLER 2 is the perfect option for...
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